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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)

--Finished the bumper and light set-up repair, from when the lights were ripped out/broken.

All sanded down:


I really like this I might get one paint matched this spring. It will also allow me to cut my bumper beam and make it lighter!:

Also removed the old Hella 500 wiring and switch:

--Put a friends exhaust on for him and he practically gave me his set of wrx wheels. Probably gonna use them next winter or maybe for gravel fun this spring/summer:

Last weekend I basically had the whole interior out, cleaning under the carpet and seeing how the bare metal floors held up this winter....and they still look exactly the same...which is awesome! Got some other stuff done while I had the carpet up:

--More weight reduction!
Finally got more of the trans tunnel sound deadening. This stuff was THICK...and amazingly I was able to just rip it off with no dry ice or heat!!

Some stuff I remove is solely for weight reduction but some is old, broken and unneeded stuff. Like this part from the glovebox that was almost seized....which probably explains why I've always hated my it's really smooth and easy to open/close:

More stuff removed was:
-drivers side, REAR seat belt
-lots of nuts/bolts
-old wires/switches/plugs
-part of the center console

So maybe another 10 lbs or so?....getting close. Gonna try to get weighed this week/weekend at an accurate scale that also can tell f/r weight distribution...

....and since I randomly started thinking about weight distribution, I moved the washer fluid tank to the trunk. Needed to start moving things back, so this is a good also means I NEVER have to remove the washer fluid tank to work on the driver's side of the engine bay.

I plumbed the wires and hose through the same firewall grommet I use for my aux. light wires...then they run next to those 3 fuel or brake lines on the drivers side under the carpet...up onto the rear strut tower...and into the trunk.

I somehow read the size wrong and ran a slightly-too-large hose to connect the nozzles to tank...I didn't realize until I tested it out because the hoses still fit nice and snug....just not snug enough, and it was slowly seeping out. Got these watertight connectors, some pipe thread sealant, and...problem solved:

Found a fabric I like for my shift boot. It's almost like a canvas material, but softer. Here's a mock-up, but not sure if I like it yet:

Might go back to the connecting rod shifter. Also for the trunk....I'm gonna fill EVERY hole with body filler, sand the whole trunk down, and spray/dip it black or white. Gonna start at the trunk and work my way towards the front...just cleaning and protecting all the interior metal. Thankfully there isn't much rust, and I want to keep it that way.

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