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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)

--Finally got that evaporator out last week. Combined weight with leaves and stink bugs was around 3 lbs.

--Last night I disassembled the ej20 heads. Other tools didn't work, so I used the c-clamp idea I read about, and it worked awesome. Then today I cleaned the heads and valves/springs/retainers....everything looks pretty good...but I think I want new valves at least:

Also last week I broke my fog lights...stupid ice...the LED's are fine though.
I filled the old holes and crack from where the lights broke from their mounts, and sanded it all down. I was about to finish re-spraying that spot but I got snowed out...2nd picture is how it will basically look like for a while:

I don't really like it...might get some circle lights again...or maybe I'll try to get a new/different bumper paint matched this spring...I've always liked the v3-v4 (I think) bumper.

On the bright side, since the engine is all the way disassembled and some-what clean, it's ready for the machine shop!
Gonna drop it off in the next few'll probably be there for a month or so...which means I can start gathering parts.

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