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I used a local pdr shop to take out all the dings and it was a little pricey but they got it totally smooth. I'm gonna get a new rear window, checked it out closer and looks like the lines were already repaired or attempted repair that failed rather. Finally got some better weather and put the body back together

I tried to put the flat fuel door on, tried to swap the plastic piece on the metal one that prevents it from locking completely but it's not gonna work like that

Took it to the car wash today to get a good look at the paint finally

I'm going to hold off on the roof trim until I get new glass put in

There's definitely some orange peel but not too concerned since it's going to be dirty most of the time anyway

It's just so nice to have it all one color again

The moulding delete looks great, regardless of how they did it

Still need to install the flaps and spats to get it looking right

I'm hoping a good coat of wax will smooth it out and bring some more shine

Just need the STi fog decals to get the front right

The bumper repair looks acceptable, not perfect but for $80 I'm not gonna complain
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