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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)

Had some fun before the big snow came through:

We got tons of snow here yesterday, this was the beginning of the storm:

--The snow stopped for a little and I ran out to get some all weather floor mats. The nicer ones seriously weighed like 30 lbs. so I got the cheapest, thinnest ones I could find. These will definitely get the job done, and weigh next to nothing.

--It cleared up today so I was able to finish the washer tank relocation. I still need to find a better container but I wanted to make sure my mount would work...and run the wires and hose to the other side. Just had to swap the hose set-up around to make the factory hoses reach the passenger side.
Need to go back and use black zipties....but yeah it doesn't look the best up close, although you can hardly tell its there being behind the brake lines.

See....its pretty hidden behind those brake hardlines.

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