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I will always love you boo, don't worry :wink:

I've been going to as many winter mode meets as I can and meeting a lot of cool local people

The blue has been growing on me but it's gonna be black without a doubt

I'm really glad I got the sport bumper, it's not one that you see often

A few inches of snow and people lose their minds, they had plows out laying down deicer when the first flakes started to fall and right after this pic it started turning to rain

I went to a parking lot to do snownuts, couldn't tell where the edge of the lot was and found out the hard way

I actually had some time to work on the motor, I would like more space to work but you make do with what you have

It was fighting me at first but once I got the splines lined up it went in like a glove

I put the header on forgetting that you have to put the top portion of the turbo side heat shield on first

The whiteline rack bushings I used on my Legacy were a match for the FXT, I was trying to swap them without removing the swaybar and it was near impossible

I got the heat shields on proper and power steering pump bolted in, never disconnected the lines from the rack in removal so no fluid lost no fluid needed

Crossmember is installed, I'm thinking I'm going to wait to put the turbo and intercooler on until it's in the car mostly so they don't get in the way or damaged
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