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Picked her up yesterday after class. I have rather mixed feelings about it -- They didn't do a great job on painting the hood. There's little pock marks where they repainted. In any case, the hood has hail damage so I've considered replacing it anyway.. I also asked them not to redo the pin striping, but they decided to do it despite my request. What really got me, was the overall mess made in my engine bay. I'm not very knowledgeable on body shop etiquette, but I would imagine you clean up after the work is finished? In any case, I was disappointed by all the white dust in what was once a clean bay. There's also caked white material in my hood vents.

They also called me retarded for requesting all new tires when only one was punctured. Great customer service?

The good news is, along with fixing the key marks, they repaired the dent on the front of the hood and realigned my driver door so it actually sits flush.

Also, a buddy sent me these:

Trying to decide between the KYB AGX or Excel-G struts. This car is mainly DD, no autoX or heavily spirited driving. The cost savings in the Excels is nice. Either way, I've got time to decide while I recoup some money.

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