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So after school I ventured off to the nearest hardware store to pick up the m10x1.25x100mm required to set my engine on the engine stand, Come to find out they don't carry a bolt with that fine of thread in that length. Four other stores also don't carry that bolt. The last place I stopped was Napa and of course they had what I needed.

After getting the engine on the stand I backed my car in and set to work on removing the engine and harness.

The first items to be pulled were the intake box and of course the battery.

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Then the messiest part of removing the radiator. Every single time I make an attempt at draining the coolant into a bucket I manage to dump most of it on the garage floor. Due to my overwhelming determination to go inside and eat I got the radiator out in record time just in time to grab some dinner.

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Before I went inside I snagged a quick picture just because hoodless Imprezas are sexy. My first test run is going to be hoodless.

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More to come tomorrow.
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