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Originally Posted by aesthetect View Post
fun! looks mostly like the brakes locked up in that video, maybe came in too hot, or not wide enough on the entry cone.. how sweet is it just to have everything together and get to be driving and fine tuning though? haha

thats in dayton? i like autox like that, looks like the next one is sept 29, dammit, i have some people in town but will have to see what i can do
Yeah, that is another issue I'm having. Car doesn't have ABS and with no weight in the rear the brakes lock up super fast. I need to install a brake bias valve. After that run I took the turn wider and was easier on the throttle to avoid spinning out. It's true that I'm glad the car is finally running... but it has taken far more money and work than I thought.

Yeah, it is in KilKare. It was a night autocross that starts at 3pm and ends at midnight.

Originally Posted by HOYS View Post
Kilkare speedway! I'm going to try and at least spectate the next one
You might as well register for it! Haha. Just becareful... KilKare walls love Subarus.
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