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The RS seats are such crap I said to hell with it and bought a new seat

I mounted it with a Planted base and Planted aluminium offset side rails, super solid and fitment is perfect

Recaro Profi fit me perfectly, well feels perfect anyway, now me and the little one are both rocking a Recaro

The shoulder harness holes are far too low on me for any type of sanctioned event but even the Profi XL was still too low and it didn't fit snug at all

I love the solid feel and I have it bottomed out so I sit much lower than before, I'm closer to the steering wheel and pedals too which I'm not thrilled about

I went up to the mountains to see how I like the position in hard driving and I am totally comfortable with the way it is, I might push it back a little farther and raise it in the back though

The trails were soggy and a blast to drive on, my anus felt every bump even on trashed L suspension

I took my daughter to the beach since the mountains were not enough to tire her out. Driving in the city is fine, I have great visibility but I had to adjust my mirrors for the lower seating position

I decided to put the JDM bumper on, I really do hate the clips that Subaru uses to put these things on

I wanted to beat sundown so I didn't get any pictures of the notches I put into the US beam but they still weren't enough for it to fit perfect

The license plate and lights were a little tricky, hopefully my MacGyver fix doesn't fall apart on the freeway
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