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Default Back on the Road!

So last Wednesday my rear bumper beam finally showed up in the mail. To my surprise it was a genuine Subaru part not an aftermarket one that i thought i had ordered.

Here is what is my car looked like with no bumper beam.

This is what the beam looked like when i took it out of the box.

The beam and bumper went on really easy after that. The only trouble was trying to find the little plastic clips that hold the bumper skin onto the beam. Napa ran out the ones I needed so i had to wait an extra day for them to order more. My Dad and i got the whole rear bumper exhaust and trunk all put back together in a little over to hours just in time to take it for a cruise to dinner.

This past weekend i put my Cobb short throw shifter and knob in which was a pretty easy install except for when i had to pull the stock shifter out. Once i got the shifter in I took it out for a test drive. When i shifted it had a more race car like feel and the throw was a lot shorter. I noticed that 2nd and 4th gear were a little too short but didn't really think anything of it. Later that night when i took it to dinner i would shift into 2nd then it would just slide back into neutral. So i drove it to dinner with no 2nd gear which is always fun.
I tore it all apart again and decided that the rubber gasket was getting squished between the body and shifter. After burning out my Dad's dremal tool trying to trim the body i figured out that all i need to do was raise the shifter a bit and it was perfect. Lesson learned there!

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