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Default Update

So last week my Dad and I finally finished sanding and we taped the car off then painted it. Here's what it came out on one side. The other side came out really good too i just didn't take a picture of it.

Once we finished wet-sanding and buffing to blend the paint We moved on to tackle the bumper beam. It started out fine i got three out of four bolts then ran into a slight problem with the exhaust hanger which was blocking the fourth bolt. I took the impact wrench to the exhaust hanger, got that off, and got the fourth bolt out. Later on that night i looked up how to get the beam off and read on the "o so wonderful RS25 forums" that there were more bolts. So that brings me to today. My dad and I were going right along and got to the last bolt. When he was unbolting the bolt, the nut on the inside of the frame rail decided to break and just spin when you tried to unbolt it. So we tried to a bunch of different thing and finally decided to just cut it off with the torches. Here is my Dad cutting it off.

Once we cut the beam off the nut that was broken off was still stuck inside so we torched the nut and pulled the last piece out.

And one last random picture for those of you that just look at the pictures!!

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