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Phase 2 Completed!

Got the RS front x member off and swapped the steering rack into the turbo x member with the hubs and alum control arms and such.

Pictures of the two side by side:

Subtle differences

Car with no x member in it!

Time to deal with wiring.

Layed the RS harness in the RHD clip.. came up with this.. though it's pretty much useless.

Right now i am working on an excel spreadsheet with all ECU connections from the RS and all the ECU connections from the V4 and where they go. Will post that up once i am done. As far as wiring goes, the plan right now is to pull out common ECU pins between the two ECUs from the RS ECU, plug them into the 20k ECU connectors and then cut the 20k ECU specific lines from the JDM harness and route them in the car so that they will fit. They will be taped "externally" from the rest of the harness, so technically it will still be wireable for a 251 but work perfectly with the 20k ECU.

Basically this allows me to keep stock things such as cruise control, ABS, AC and all those fun luxories while linking the 20k directly the to ECU and cluster... and that's it.

Also a great way to cut down on the wiring mess. Will obviously post pictures and documents when all is said and done.

Sometimes i love my father being a very good electrical engineer and being able to read wiring diagrams like a slightly complicated novel. Easy for the most part.. but sometime there's that word you are unsure of the meaning.. haha.

Tomorrow exhaust goes on and ATF fluid into the PS system. Also an alignment. I have to get some exhaust gaskets.. because mine have seemed to disappeared? Who knows..

Still waiting on a speed sensor, and need to fix the wet noodle handbrake. No idea what's borked up with that.
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