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Dropped the RS rear and threw on the STi rear.

Parking brake cables are a pain in the ass and for whatever reason took me forever to get together.


RS Stuff coming out

Bare car..

And STi stuff in

Did run into one problem. Before i decided to just move EVERYTHING over i was trying to take off the hubs, so i took of the nut on the giagantor bolt and then hammered on i to try and get it out (which it wouldn't) and ended up with this:

The nut won't go back on, and it's not a huge deal as i have another one of the bolts in my bin of bolts... the only problem is the damn thing STILL will not come out. I have put LOTS of force into the bolt head, banged on it (obviously) sprayed it down with PB blaster.. I guess the next thing is to take off the lat links from the crossmember and hope they free up some tension.

As far an inconveniences go though, i am glad it's something like this and not something more annoying or big.

Tomorrow is trans swap day.

Oh, and i also need a single STi sway bar bushing haha. Odd thing to not come with everything... though it probably feel off years ago before i had it in my possession as i don't remember seeing it.
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