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So, if you can see from these pictures and the pictures of the crashed RS, i had a few parts laying around. Well it just happened that this RS needed a few parts. The first issue that i had to address was the fact that the engine i had was a 99+ EJ251, and the 98s were wired for the EJ25D. To make this long story short, i moved over my entire wrecked RS (minus a driveshaft that was dead as hell) to this RS. This included all harnesses (engine, dash, body, doors, everything) to the RBP RS. We also put cruise control in the car and moved over fender braces. It wass very cool to see that the 98 model year had all the bolt holes for things such as the master cylinder, CC module, and fender braces although they had a piece of tape of the holes.

Then my dad and i dropped the in engine and trans. After i rewired everything and cleaned the car up. The pictures do a lot more justice in this post than anything else. Also a little bit of information i needed to do this swap was posted in this thread:

EJ251 + 5 Speed into 98 RS Auto and 99+ Conversion

But yeah pics (i'll try to get them on chronological order):

The work has begun, and the STM RS is completely gutted to make use of all the parts.

Only difference in the 98 dash bar from the 00 bar was the SRS wiring, so naturally i used the 00 bar.

Moved the 5 speed pedals over, fuck who wants an autobox? Also moved the STM entire steering column over to have the CC on the steering wheel, and messing with clocksprings is just a waste of time in this situation.

All four corners out to have new bearings and such pressed in them. Didn't want them all to pop out. Also sparkler rain dance with a friend of

Seats, carpet, door cards, everything out to replace the door harnesses as well as the body harness as the 00 dash harness had different connectors than the 98 for all of them.

Looking at the suspension where the car was hit. Trailing link was bent as well as the strut, both replaced right then and there, however still had problems with it. Also just looking at the difference in bumper beams throughout the years as the engine bay harness was now wired for 00 fogs, i'd have to use the Ver 6 bumper. Which i like better anyways.

Neat comparison i tried making between engine bays

Motor finally in and connecting everything up

And some cosmetic issues addressed.
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