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2000 RS Coupe Drift Build
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Old 10-17-2017, 01:34 PM   #1
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Default 2000 RS Coupe Drift Build

Starting a new journal for my car as I'm going quite a different direction with it. The whole photo bucket shamble destroyed my old journal for this car so I will summarize the last few years of the car here as well.

I bought the car back in 2013, started off with a fairly clean rust free southern chassis. The paint was trash and the previous owner painted the car with primer.

The Subaru coupe has evolved a bit over time..

First thing I did was finish off the primer across the hood where the clearcoat on the carbon fiber was peeling.

The next order of business was to develop an appearance that was more enjoyable than the primer.

Added some white stars to compliment the OD green.

First bit of maintenance and modification came, I replaced the wheel bearings, new clutch pressure plate, and a lightweight flywheel.

I drove it like this for a while.

Made a trip from Louisiana to Michigan and back

First big project with the car was to swap in a Ver7 Sti 6spd transmission, and regear the rear differential.

I also went through and replaced all the bushings in the car with upgraded poly ones. Everything from the lateral links, trailing arms, control arms, differential mounts etc. The struts were replaced with new KYB AGX units, and the springs were swapped out for ground control coilover sleeves.

This was all in an effort to move the car towards a rallycross setup.

Another trip to Michigan and joy of joys I'm back during a period where I can hit one of the Detroit regions rallycrosses.

The car was obnoxious to drive in with the exhaust and transmission setup but I did the 2000mile round trip to Michigan and back anyways.

I also changed the appearance up a bit at that time

Next step was to start prep for a ej20 engine swap.

Stripped down 02 wrx harness

labeled the ends requiring merging for a quicker process

drove out to dallas with a trailer in tow on the impreza, bought a ej208 from a legacy gt twin turbo.

Look at that mess of wiring and plumbing! Twin turbo no thanks.

Stripped the block down to start a top end rebuild. New oem headgaskets, ARP headstuds.

Gave the heads a light port and polish, then dropped them off at the local machine shop to have a 3 angle valve job and resurfacing done.

Finished off the top end by setting the valve lash and bolting everything up.

And in the car she goes, ver 7 sti intake manifold and TGV deletes, td04 turbo.

Had an issue with the shim over buckets, one of them floated out of its bucket and the cam decided to chew it up and spit it through the head

Hood flew up on the highway and smashed out the windshield...

ended up adding a FMIC and 16g turbo with some e85 supplied by decapped wrx injectors.

Annnnd that didn't last. Weee bit too much boost and bang goes the rod out the block.

Another trip out to dallas, and I come back with a JDM avcs ej205

Decided to clean up the engine bay and also added in the wiring for the avcs to my 02 wrx harness.

Kept it like this for a while, e85 jdm 9:1 ej20 avcs and a 16g was a really fun combo.

After about a year of that engine, I pushed it a little too hard in the winter and spun a rod bearing. I decided to rebuild it from the bottom up with mostly upgrade oem components, assisted by a few aftermarket pieces.

A Ej207 double crossdrilled crank, Balanced ej257 connecting rods, and JE pistons went into the ej205 cases.

Found a nice little gem of a vf37 I bought with my 6spd way back. This new engine was a perfect candidate for this turbo.

A few other bits were added in, oil cooler, AN fuel lines, billet rails, 1000cc injectors etc.

Snagged a used widebody front end. Looks like a do-luck blister fender/bumper.

Had to redo the front intercooler and radiator mounting to accommodate to the new bumper.

Snagged some wider forester control arms to bump the width out.

loaded up the the impreza and headed south from North Dakota down to iowa for the rally cross national championship.

Had a fun time out there and the car managed well besides the exhaust trying to fall off.

That following winter I killed another rod bearing, was running thigh compression high boost on 91 octane, well that didn't last long and it knocked a bearing to death pretty quick.

Bought a couple eg33s and was going to wire those in and play around with them. But I ended up just working on friends cars, going to events, trailering cars around etc. So the car sat over the summer while I decide what to do.
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Old 10-17-2017, 01:35 PM   #2
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The original direction of this project was towards a rallycross car, but in my current location there isn't much as far as events go. The biggest thing out here is either drag racing or drifting. So looks like I'm going to build a drift car. I have seen quite a few Subaru drift cars out there and most of the time they are let down by either a weak rear end, and/or poor handling from the weight distribution and front suspension geometry. So those be my main focus of modification with a lot of smaller tweaks elsewhere.

First order of business was to strip the car down and get a dummy engine in the bay. This gave me an idea of whether or not pushing the engine back is a feasible idea, the frame rails start to narrow behind the front subframe where the engine normally sits so its tight. So tight that I will have to figure out a new process for sparkplugs with that mounting location.

Quite the room for activities up front now. Front mounted turbo? Probably.

Building a custom front subframe will be interesting. I have a few obstacles to work around, the big ones being the oil pan and steering rack location.

But before all that the car needs to shed some more weight.

As it sits right now the front end is all chopped out, same with the rear. All the glass has been removed and I'm working on pulling the roof skin.

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Fav Mod: Ricer Red parts for +25KW
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Location: Grand Forks ND
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