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ivonko 05-15-2013 03:32 PM

Yeaaaaaahhhhh buddy, looks awesome josh about time you actually join the rs25 community :rolleyes: lol

Crash187 05-16-2013 07:41 AM


subiwag 05-18-2013 06:20 PM

Nice coupe man. I will always lust for a black or white coupe.

You should consider swapping in the fxt dash. Slavik.86 did this in one of his previous builds and it looked awesome.

Ted 05-18-2013 06:36 PM

So is this one going to be a monster truck or a frame scraper?

equinox92 05-18-2013 06:37 PM

subbed before this one gets rear ended too :P

Looks awesome man.

JO5HUA 05-22-2013 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Teddy-2000RS (Post 3049852)
So is this one going to be a monster truck or a frame scraper?

Neither, stock height stiffy


Originally Posted by equinox92 (Post 3049854)
subbed before this one gets rear ended too :P

Looks awesome man.

I kill you :unamused:

When I went to plug it in and try it I noticed the other rear speaker wasn't moving at all. The cone was seized and just the tweeter was putting out sound. The two rear speakers I assumed were toast so I went looking for replacements. I ended up getting a cheap set of Pioneer 35W 3 ways to go up front and I discovered that the speaker fix actually worked and it was the amp that sucks. I tried putting it in 2 channel mode because I thought the right input was just bad but it turns out that channel is jacked up regardless. So I did the next best thing and I'm running the rear speakers at 2 ohms on the left channel. They were way louder than the fronts though so I switched on the low pass filter and the stereo sounds great. Later I came home and my RS rear seat belts had arrived courtesy of Mike, thanks buddy. After getting all that installed proper I noticed I forgot about the rear carpet plugs

I also took the time to install the LED panel dome lights

Yesterday I took the wheels in to get tires swapped, haven't seen the inside of the braids in a long time

Good thing the wife called in sick today because I got to use the Forester and do it all in one trip

Done and done

They had a mint set of blizzak take offs 196/55-16 asking $200 or a trade for my BFG's. I took the deal and mounted them on my FXT wheels. So I traded 8 tires for new Blizzaks and free mounting for 8 tires, I think I came out pretty well

The ancient relic amp finally gave up and I needed to get a new one, ended up getting this Kicker with perfect power for the speakers only $170 new. Then discovered the other speaker, the one I didn't solder, was blown and voice coil seized. I have a new set Polk db651 ordered for the fronts and I guess now I have a spare db650 in case another rear speaker decides to die

I ended up getting the Blizzaks, I'm probably going to be painting the wheels gold but it's pretty far down on my priority list

I tried to tackle the front and rear brakes today but after just doing the fronts I'm done. It's hot and I had too many problems with the driver's side and it discouraged me a lot. The awesome thing was that a random stranger stopped by to help. Well not really, he stopped to talk about suspension lifts and I put him to work. The stock L front bakes were in great shape but even in perfect condition I can't see them performing well

The WRX calipers from my Legacy need some cleaning up but the Hawk HPS pads are still good

swimsurk 05-22-2013 08:01 PM

looking good so far man

That tire is real close :noes:

Crash187 05-26-2013 08:04 PM

You need a set of these Light Bar Cold Air Intake Subaru Impreza Legacy Baja Forester - Gorilla Offroad Company - PRODUCT DETAIL

Spec R 05-27-2013 01:33 AM

wouldnt be a build thread on rs25 without other people telling you what you "need".

great progress so far!

JO5HUA 05-27-2013 06:26 AM

The frustration begins with a seized slider pin, took a lot of grunting and swearing to get it out of there. Irritation level is growing...

I got it polished up nice, the pitting wasn't actually that bad. I used a gun cleaning kit to clean out the bore and the pin slides in and out smooth with fresh lube. There's a your mom joke in there somewhere but it escapes me at the moment

The disc brake hardware kits for front and rear, totally worth it to replace these. There was a burr on the driver's side bracket that wasn't letting the clip seat properly so I filed it down flat, irritation level rising...

I used some 120 grit to scuff up the rotors, cleaned the calipers and new hardware, fresh grease and red stuff should have these in tip top shape

I used a plastic brush to clean the surface of the pads and added the braided lines.

When I had my new friend push the brakes to bleed them I noticed hella fluid coming from the hard line connection. Tried tightening it and no luck, there was a scratch on the mating surface of the hard line and I had to buff it out. It sealed up eventually but not without getting me super irritated. Thankfully the other side went perfectly and I had no issues

The new Polks are a lot beefier than the old ones, they come with an adapter plate since they aren't drilled for multiple applications like the older models

The new speakers sound great but it sounds like they don't produce as much sound as the rear, older speakers. The s/n ratio is the same, all the specs are the same actually, but I hear the rear speakers a lot more than the front. It could also be the acoustics of the car and I sit really far back

My first day at the new store I go to unlock my door and go wtf? If you see your kids playing with your car keys and putting them in the house door my advice is to stop them. I got out my vice grips and carefully massaged it to the point it was accepted by the locks

I sold the TurboXS muffler for Forester that took forever to ship and I threw a huge fit about and got a WRX cannon. The transaction with went smooth as baby buns this time around and I got an Invidia up pipe from them too

I started getting the motor ready to pull and taking the exhaust, top mount and turbo off got me really excited about the swap. After pulling a bunch more from the Forester I coated the new Invidia up pipe I got with my cannon

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