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amoore131 02-19-2014 03:23 PM

Do you know what the average pdr shop charges per ding?

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JO5HUA 02-26-2014 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by amoore131 (Post 3169658)
Do you know what the average pdr shop charges per ding?

I have heard most shops charge by panel rather than by each ding, the time it takes is mostly how they came up with a price. The problem I ran into was every shop I went to didn't want to touch it because there was so many dings in every single panel so I just went with the first shop that was up for it.

I got unpainted spats from Jacob and rather than drill the bumper I just put them on with the 2 existing holes

I put the Rallytech flaps on at the same time and the spats kind of janked up the install but whatever not a big deal

Braids look so much better next to flaps, still need to get the skirts on but not in the mood to drill the holes yet

I got a super cheap replica JDM trunk decal and it looks good from a distance but up close the cheapness shows

If you didn't already know flat fuel doors weren't JDM only, all of the pre facelift Imprezas I have seen at the junkyard have the plastic flat door and I got the complete kit for $20 flat

Small details give me the greatest joy, if anybody wants the agean blue door it's all yours

I traded the JDM tails I scored at the junkyard for a set of 17's, Kosei K1 TS

They aren't perfect, this one is bent but I'm gonna take them to a local powdercoater that will fix them up just like new

This one had a crack and was welded back up, one of them was like brand new though

I'm going to get dry ice at work tomorrow and try to remove the sound deadening in the trunk, the car I got the fuel door cable from it was all shattered from a crash and I can speak from experience that is a great way to get the deadening to just come right off. The cable was pretty easy to install, the only interior I took apart was the trunk liner and the driver's door sill. I even got the lever assembly bolted in without taking off the plastic cover, funny thing about the cover is the old one had 2 slots for the fuel door too so you don't need to get the cover when pulling the parts

Willyboy 02-26-2014 07:20 PM

Your car is truly coming together.Keep up the great work!

George.of.the.Jungle 02-27-2014 01:28 PM

i need that door. send it to me. i haz monies for you.

JO5HUA 03-04-2014 05:18 PM

Last week I headed up to MPS to see what kind of stuff they still had for sale with the intention of picking up some hot deals

There was a lot of stuff left, like complete coupe interior that I could have used 6 months ago

The deals weren't super cheap though, I passed on a crawford aos for $350 since that was all the cash I brought with me and focused on my suspension needs

I got STi lat links for $100, Whiteline stabilizer mounts for $125 and Powerflex caster adding bushings for $125, shirt and decals were gratis

The windscreen banner was the first to be installed, I used hella windex and newspaper to wipe so no fuzzies got left behind

I may have used a little too much windex because it took almost 24 hours for the paper to peel off without taking the decal with it but I was able to get it perfectly centered so windex ftw

The sun blocking is awesome and it's going to look so good with the STi fog decals

I ordered the linkage update from TiC a while ago and since it's been pouring rain and I don't really feel like working in it I stayed indoors and got to installing it

There are 2 pins holding it in so with appropriately sized punches not a big deal but for some it's really difficult I don't know why

I reused the same pins to install the update and it's done, easy 5 minute install

The lower control arm mounts are taller on the Forester and Outback models by quite a lot, more than the whiteline PSRS even. If you want a cheap way to add a ton of caster pick up a set of them on the cheap and add caster increasing bushings like I'm going to do

JO5HUA 03-05-2014 08:36 PM

So I went to install the heavy duty stabilizer kit and the bushings were missing. I just assumed the bushings that came with the bar would work fine but the fit was not so good and there's nothing preventing them from popping out of the bracket. I looked online for replacements and could only find the refresh kit W21047G on the site, shipping was $80 from Australia

I also looked up the instructions on the site and it turns out I had installed the bracket backwards

The side with the ridge on it is supposed to point rearward, I can't really tell the difference between W21047G and the universal fitment W21047 front bar kit so I think I'm going to order a set and see how they fit

My junkyard luck has been really good lately, found a legit set of Prodrive PWRC1's for $250

The faces are painted black unfortunately, I'm going to get them reconditioned anyway so not really a big deal

Never thought I would have a legit set of Prodrive wheels and never thought I would get them so cheap

There is quite a bit of rash on every wheel, the set isn't trashed but they are in rough shape

There is rash on the inside even, I don't even know...

I'm just taking solace in the fact that they are legit and complete and so cheap

The one that's bent it looks like some material is missing, the tires look super cheap so I'll probably just stick them on the other set of 17's I got and sell them

The bend on the inside of that wheel is a little offset but likely from the same event that bent the face. The place I'm going to take them will fix all damage and powdercoat any color for $500 and at that price I really want to pick the perfect color. I am liking the anthracite that they came in but I've been wanting bronze wheels or maybe even copper or titanium. Whatever color I choose I want it to be pretty bright to contrast with the black car, wanting a color that is both unique and not too outrageous

Bast 03-05-2014 08:53 PM

Damn, nice find!

I really like the TE37 bronze:

George.of.the.Jungle 03-06-2014 05:10 AM

p1's look the best in gold.

and why the hell do my posts in here keep disappearing?!

George.of.the.Jungle 03-06-2014 06:11 AM


Originally Posted by JO5HUA (Post 3174687)

There are 2 pins holding it in so with appropriately sized punches not a big deal but for some it's really difficult I don't know why

well OBVIOUSLY they're easy and gave you zero issue. the trans isn't even in the car. you twat.

JO5HUA 03-19-2014 04:08 PM

I was pondering a roof vent for a long time but never could commit since if I didn't like it I would be out like $500 and have a hole in my roof but finally I decided to go for it and picked up a scrapped one complete

It even came with unreasonably sharp mad tyte JDM laminated glass shards, guaranteed to cut you without you immediately realizing it

I'm not sure what the writing on the inside says but I think it translates to open the vent to let in the awesomes

The blue metal bracket that's tack welded to the roof is not present on my car so that's gonna be fun

I drilled out the welds to get it off, I'm unsure how I'm going to mount it to my roof

Using the JDM headliner as a template I drew the pattern to be cut then used a razor blade and the entirety of my patience to cut out the hole

Headliner portion of the install is done, now I wait for the vent cover to come back from paint

I also tackled the leaking tails today, used that razor blade to get all the old painted over sealant off

Cleaned the old sealant off the tails also and started sealing it up

I used a pretty generous amount on each side on both surfaces so if it leaks still I will be shocked

The fog cover decals I ordered were much smaller than I anticipated, I never even checked the size of them but they were stupid cheap. I'm going to find a correctly sized set but until then I'll just leave it

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