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K, heres a quick rundown of my drive home on thursday. First, i have the 255 in my trunk, killing my shocks and tires as im driving, as if catching the N1 on bridge crossings at 85mph isnt bad enough. Then i get about 2 hours out of OH in RT80 and my bottom tank blows out on the rad letting all my coolant go, i JB weld the seam and fill the rad with water, i make it to around the poconos-ish area. Then im driving, its now dark, and a tractor decides to lose a tire about 500 feet in front of me. So me thinking quick, im dodging the softball size chunks of rubber coming at the windshield and didnt see the actual, 8 foot wide tread laying perfectly across the lane, i cant swerve around it, i run it over, smashed my bumper on both sides, broke both fog lights, ripped out the splashguards underneath the engine, destroyed my exhaust, broke off my drivers rear-half sideskirt, took a chunk out of my drivers rear rim, slashed the tire, and bent my N1 pipe and dented the can. All while lifting the car a good 8 inches off the ground... Fun night i had, with all honesty ill take anything i can get for any of my parts, i really need money and im hoping my roadside warrenty still is good for my tires so i can get back to OH... Let me know if anyone can buy something, the 255 is now in NY again, the EJ20 got stolen, the EG33 is in ohio, and all my parts like manifolds and whatnot are in NY as well... Ill get some pics when i get back home.
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