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Originally Posted by Snakebite420 View Post
ok now i gotta ask this,

Ok the rs i bought was painted at a mako for sure, for all the orange peel that is covering its whole body, if i do a 2000 grit wet sand on it, then polish it like you did would it get rid of the orange peel, and stay shiny for till they paint goes all weird, or will i have to polish it 4-6 months down the line because it will show that i wet sanded it? (sorry if i confused you, not sure if it will stay shiny like the picture on your hood, not sure if you make the wet sand marks go away forever or if they come back)


good question. I would do the 2000 grit and then 3000 grit as well. The reason for using the 3000 grit is that you're human, you can't honestly say you will use the same amount of pressure on every pass with the 2000, leaving some marks a little deeper. the 3000 will come as close to getting everything out as you can and be very easy to remove with a buffer. Here's a little diagram to help explain what will happen:

This is a diagram of your clear coat after a scratch:

After you wet sand it, the area of clear coat is lowered to the lowest point of the scratch, but it creates smaller scratches:

After polishing, that area is completely smoothed out, leaving you with a fresh surface to protect:

so to answer you, once you have completely got rid of scratches and swirls and orange peel, it will not come back once removed and protected. You have keep up with you waxing, but the sand marks will never come back. If you let the paint go without doing anything, the orange peel will never come back, but it will be replaced with swirls and scratches.. That's why waxing is so important. Does that make sense? I know you want to get rid of orange peel and not scratches, but I think this will help you visualize what happens.


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