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Originally Posted by subie91 View Post
i have a 00 impreza 2.2 and every time i pull out it boggs until it reaches 2500 rpm then it takes off. i replaced fuel filter and put seafoam and fuel injector cleaner in it. none of the sensors are throwing codes. the only codes that comes on is the catalyst diffeciency code. any suggestions what it could be? thanks cody
Bump on this.

I have a 99' obs with a phase one 2.2 (maf) that out of nowhere started doing this. Its only under full throttle that is bogs down til 2500 rpm then it takes off like normal.

The problem is growing worse with lag/hestitation throughtout the power band. The car is gutless now.

-It sounds fine (no knocks or pings)
-Idles great(unless cold, then it almost dies.)
-Runs rich. I'm going through fuel quick.
-no torque at all.
*note i have a failing cv front axle*

So rich and falling on its face non stop. Idles so-so. Sounds fine(no pings or ticks). THOUGHTS?

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