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Originally Posted by Yeti303R View Post
Just added some more info to my post - but other than that, the motor is 100% stock. Stock intake, Stock exhaust, 4EAT trans (that interestingly enough makes a buzzing noise when the gas pedal is depressed).

I also want to try changing the TPS so see if that may be a part of the problem...
Changed the secondary o2 that threw a code. No help. Hesitation at idle is still there, low power in top end VERY MUCH still there.

jdnisevil - thats really a last resort for me. Im here on rs25 because id rather fix the issues myself, then roll over for a dealer. Im sure thats what the majority of other people here would do as well. Im looking for other people that have had a similar issue and what they have done to resolve it. Thanks.
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