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Finally, the Holy Grail! You've even managed to make it handle boost!

I like the WRX setup, but it's complicated, a ton of work, and requires a specific sort of person who's willing to figure it all out. (I think it took me two days between all the wiring and the troubleshooting to get my car running). It's more flexible, but then it's existed since... 2003? 4? And this route, no cam gear changes, no harness modifications...

Can live adjustment be done, or is it like the WRX, and needs to be programmed at the bootloader? Also I believe the JECS ECUs don't have the capability for individual coils, right?

It's not gonna make me switch back to my old ECU (not much would), but it's a better choice than most if someone needs to keep street legality. Super job!
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