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Site News & Announcements

Check this forum as it will contain important news and updates regarding the site and its development.
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RS Club Lounge

Members' Journals

A new forum for you to create a personal thread, showing off your Subie from the day you got it through each stage of your modifications and buildups while maintaining your personal wish list.
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FAQ/Newbie Forum

Welcome! New to the site, looking to buy your first Subaru, or just want to introduce yourself and your love of Subarus? Ask basic questions, read up on the FAQ, & introduce yourself here. After introducing yourself & you feel more comfortable, start your own member journal by following the steps in the member journal faq.
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General Subaru Discussion

All Subaru general conversations.
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Automotive Video / Images / Photography

Share and discuss automotive video, images, and photography in this forum. Non-automotive related video and photography should be posted in Off-Topic
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Hot Links

Point us to your favorite RS site or products
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RS Club Technical

DIY - How / To Installs

Do It Yourself mods - show us how you did that!
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Yanking the whole damn engine out!
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N/A Tuning

Normally aspirated tuning, Intakes and Exhaust
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ECU & Electrical Modifications

Soft tuning your car or cutting wires
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Turbo and Superchargers

Forced induction - Babies get bottles, real men get blown.
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Transmission & Drivetrain

Getting the power to the ground
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Suspension, Brakes, Rims & Tires

Springs, discs, wheels, and everything in between
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Interior & A/V

Interior & A/V
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Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance
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Exterior, Detailing, & Body Work

Keepin' it clean
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It used to work...
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Wagons, OBS, Legacy, Forester, Brat, & SVX

Home sweet home for the rest of you!
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Impreza L, LS, LX, Brighton, etc.

All the wanna-be's in here
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The Marketplace

Vendor Announcements

This is an area where Vendors can post their announcements, information about project cars, or build ups.
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Vendor For Sale Classifieds - In Stock Items

This forum is for Vendors to post information about performance parts & accessories available for purchase. These items must be in stock.
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Community Help Section

Community Help

If you run across a bug or problem with the website please come here and share it with us so we can fix it ASAP.
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Private Support Forum

Support forum for private discussion between the staff and RS25's members. Also used for private contest submissions. :)
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Suggestions & Feedback

Let us know what you like or dislike. If you have an idea that you think would make the site a better place, please share it with us!
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Off Topic Section

Other Topics

Discuss all topics unrelated to the GC8 or RS in this forum. Please refrain from taking a post in this forum off topic.
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Debates, Heated Issues, Passionate Topics

This is an area to discuss topics that people have very strong opinions about, like politics, religion, abortion, gay marriage, war, terrorism, whether Bush should be able to run for a third term, etc. Zero tolerance policy for thread hijacking or smart ass replies. Mature discussion and replies ONLY.
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The dating scene

Men, women, sex (or lack thereof), and relationship topics. SERIOUS POSTS ONLY. Reputation points handed out for rules violations.
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Junkyard Brawls

Now known as the official RS25 junkyard.
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