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Tenebrion's Time Attack/Hillclimb RSTI Shenanigan Machine
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Old 03-22-2012, 02:03 PM   #1
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Default Tenebrion's Time Attack/Hillclimb RSTI Shenanigan Machine

Hello all, my name is Drew. This is a journal to track the progress of my 2000RS as it makes its transformation into a reliable, light, track demon. The goal for the car is to run in the 2014 One Lap of America

Its taken me a while to finally get started, so please bare with me as I attempt to keep this organized. Scroll down for the Table of contents.
Thanks for looking!

Table of Contents
Post 2: GC back story
Post 3: Acquiring the donor STi
Post 4: Tearing into the STi
Post 14: STi Seats & Diffuser install pics
Post 15: STi Dash and wire harness out!
Post 20: STi Dash Beam/heater core/dash/center console installed!!!!
Post 28: 06 STi Dash into GC Writeup!
Post 60: 5/21: STi Engine Removed
Post 63: 5/22: GC Engine Removed / STi Engine test fit
Post 68: 5/23: Final Firewall Modifications
Post 70: 5/24: Pedals, Coilovers, Engine and Transmission installed!
Post 75: 5/25 Heater Core, wire harness, steering column/linkage modification installed.
Post 76: 5/25 continued: GC gas tank removed.
Post 77: 5/26: STi rear subframe and tank dropped, installed into GC with RCE Tarmac 2's
Post 86: 5/27: Fuel Lines, driveshaft, engine bay stuff
Post 91: 5/28-5/30: IT LIVES!!!
Post 114: (VIDEO) Pre-toasted vf39 and new
Post 146: Switch Panel
Post 152: (VIDEO) Koyo install, Blitz Nur Spec installed, finished switch panel
Post 153: Crewing for Relentless Rally at 2011 LSPR (pics)
Post 162: JDM Coolent Overflow installed, fitting rear spats
Post 177: (VIDEO) Hooning Teaser
Post 182: (VIDEO) Random DCCD testing
Post 189: (VIDEO) New Years Hooning Video
Post 191: RallySportDirect/KillerB Goodies
Post 197: Relentless Rally HQ - UEGO and Downpipe Install
Post 205: (VIDEO) Initial 20psi tune
Post 209: (VIDEO) Exhaust Note
Post 214: Brake Goodies
Post 228: KSB700 Installed, Fenders Rolled for 245's, Big Boy front brakes installed
Post 230: How to snap bolts in Brembo Calipers
Post 234: Grimmspeed Goodies
Post 236: Killer B pan/pickup baffle, Group N engine mounts, and Grimmspeed Up-pipe/EWG installed
Post 241: Rear Brake Goodies
Post 242: (VIDEO) EWG Sound Clip
Post 244: I/C splitter installed, engine bay cleaned
Post 250: (VIDEO) STi Roof Vane Testing
Post 254: Relentless Rally - Codriver Training
Post 255: (VIDEO) Relentless Rally - Jump Testing
Post 258: (VIDEO) Relentless Rally - In-Car clip
Post 261: Magnum Opus Rally - Crewing for Relentless Rally
Post 263: (VIDEO) Gingerman Raceway - First Track Day!
Post 268: (VIDEO)Magnum Opus Time Lapse - Service


Lovefab Motorsports
Innovative Tuning
Thompson Racing Fabrication
Boost Controlled Performance


-06 STi EJ257 (Built and balanced)
-Killer B Oil Pan/Pickup/Baffle
-Reverse Intake Manifold
-Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors
-Cosworth Fuel Rails
-Tomei FPR
-JDM TGV Deletes
-Rotated GT3076 Turbo
-Some NSX Takeoff FMIC
-Lovefab Custom Intake and charge piping
-Lovefab Catch Cans
-Lovefab RSTi Downpipe
-Lovefab EWG Uppipe
-Tial EWG 38mm MV-S
-Blitz Nur Spec R Catback
-Koyo R2218 Radiator w/ SPAL Slim Fans

-Full 06 STi drivetrain
-ACT HDSS Clutch
-ACT Streetlite flywheel

-Kartboy Short Shifter and bushings

-06 STi Brembos
-Stoptech Stainless Brake Lines
-Girodisc 2 piece Front/Rear Rotors
-Girodisc ST43 Pads Front/Rear
-Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace

-Racecomp Engineering Tarmac 2’s
-Vorshlag Front and Rear Camber Plates
-Kartboy Subframe Lock down bolts
-Whiteline KSB700 Subframe Brace

-06 STi Dash and console
-Defi Boost and Oil Pressure
-Remote Mounted Valentine 1

-RMF/Lovefab Splitter
-Kognition Racing v2 Single element Wing
-06 STi Roof Vane
-RMF v1 rear diffuser
-JDM Front and Rear Bumper Beams
-JDM Clear Corner lights
-JDM Tail lights
-STi Fog Light Covers

Wheels & Tires:
-18 x 10.5 Enkei RPF1's
-Dunlop Direzza ZII (285/30/18)

Current State:
Attached Thumbnails
Tenebrion's Time Attack/Hillclimb RSTI Shenanigan Machine-13483009_1132182606840916_5564109686351787193_o.jpg  

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Old 03-22-2012, 02:04 PM   #2
Fav Mod: Driver mod + roll cage
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Location: Northern Michigan
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This project has been brewing for the past 5 years now. Back in 2007, I traded in my gas sucking Durango for a 05’ Impreza RS. I drive 50-60 miles to work each day and I instantly fell in love with the car, regardless of how “slow” and “mushy” it really was.

I started doing little things to the car when I could. Here it is after I installed some 04 BBS wheels and Tanabe GF210’s.

While I still really enjoyed this car, I really wanted to get a STi. However, after I bought my last dirt bike I decided that I would never have a payment for a “toy” again. Since I didn’t have 20-40k sitting in my bank account, it remained a dream. I started saving as much as I could with the hopes of one day having my own STi.

Fast forward to 2010, after reading about so many swaps on various forums, I decided this would probably be the best way for me to accomplish what I wanted to do. I didn’t want the stress of having a project car that I relied on for daily transportation, and no debt for a toy. I have always loved the GC chassis so it seemed like a good place to start, especially since you can find them relatively cheap. In March 2010, I found a nice looking 2000 RS (auto) located in Deleware.

It looked really clean, and the price was right so I jumped on it and sent a payment to hold the car until the weekend. I woke up that Friday at 6am and went to work. When I got out at 5pm, I drove to my mother’s house and picked her up for a surprise road trip from northern Michigan to Deleware and back. I drove straight through the night and made it to the dealer around 8:30am on Saturday. Once the dealer opened up at 9, I paid for the vehicle, then we immediately started heading back to Michigan with mom piloting my 05, and me driving the GC (with an obviously bad wheel bearing). In what seemed like the longest and loudest road trip ever, we made it back around 6:30am on Sunday without incident. Mom was quite the trooper, and I can’t thank her enough for helping me bring the car back.

So now I had this car taking up space in the garage. More importantly, I had a car I did not need to rely on for transportation. Funds were tight after the purchase so I held off on doing anything major to the car, and instead just kept researching. I fixed all the miscellaneous things and after about 6 months I was itching to do more. I figured I would just do some exterior things to make the car feel more like my own until I had enough saved for a swap. I knew this would chew up some funds that could go towards the swap, but it helped me stay interested and focused on the project. I started my search for various P1 bits mixed with JDM pieces to make it more unique. It took from 2010 until the end of 2011, but I finally had an exterior that I was happy with.

Before Paint

After Paint

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Old 03-22-2012, 02:04 PM   #3
Fav Mod: Driver mod + roll cage
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Now it’s the beginning of 2012, and I have no idea what direction I want to go with the car. Do I want to keep it N/A and build it for Rally, or swap it and have a track car that I can eventually run at the One Lap of America? By this time, I had saved up more than enough to swap the car and still have a decent cash buffer, so I started looking more closely at salvage STi’s at insurance auction. I bid on a couple but never acquired one, so I was still considering both optioins. At the end of February 2012, I seen a decent looking 06 STi (salvage) for auction in NY.

I bid on it not thinking I would get it, considering how much I had offered. To my complete surprise, I ended up getting the car! Crap, now what, lol?! After a very stressful fiasco getting the vehicle shipped to my original destination, I ended up only being able to get the car to Detroit, MI. Time for yet another surprise road trip, this time with a friend in his 2000 Tahoe. We drove down on March 14th to pickup the car and I was suddenly reminded of the poor fuel economy of a 12 y/o SUV while pulling 5000lbs.

Here it comes!

The trip home was uneventful, minus the STi's hood flying open at 70mph, lol.
With the car home, it was time to get a good look at the damage. It had no battery, the previous owner also decided to remove his SPT intake and MAF sensor, and a power steering hose was ripped, but other than that the mechanical bits all looked good. I was extremely anxious to see what condition the engine was in, so I borrowed a battery from my 05 and hooked it up. Expecting the worst but hoping for the best, it fired right up!

So the plan now is to do a full swap into the “GC”. I want to get some track time in this year, and hopefully run it at the 2013 One Lap of America.

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Old 03-22-2012, 02:04 PM   #4
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I’ve spent a couple hours the past two nights stripping the interior and pulling/labeling the wiring, trying to get as much done as I can before it goes into a friends garage for the engine/tranny/sub frames/gas tank/etc. I have also since acquired a new intake and MAF.

I’m currently a little further, but I'm taking my time labeling all the wiring to make life easier in the near future. I will hopefully pull the engine/ tranny/subframes in the next few weeks. I knew I needed to address what suspension the car was going to sit on before I got too deep into this, not wanting to clog up my friends garage with a non rolling car. Since I don’t want to mess with any of the chassis mounting points of the GC, I ordered up a set of RCE Tarmac 2’s, paired with Vorshlag Camber plates front and rear from Paul @ Racecomp Engineering. These guys were great to deal with, and I will definetly do business with them again as soon as my wallet recovers .

These should arrive in about a month, which is fine as I have enough other stuff to work on right now.

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Old 03-22-2012, 09:38 PM   #5
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This looks promising!

Btw, sweet snow shots.
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Old 03-22-2012, 09:49 PM   #6
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A very beautiful car. Can't wait to see the end result of this.
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Old 03-22-2012, 10:13 PM   #7
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love the front lip. cant wait to see more of this project.
Wagons. Because we love a little junk in the trunk.
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Thanks all! I snapped those snow shots en route to Stage 4 of the 2012 SnoDrift, it was a perfect day for pics.

I cant wait to see the finished product either, if only I didn't have to come to work everyday...

Also, updated all posts to catch up. Enjoy the pics!
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Old 03-23-2012, 09:56 AM   #9
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Soooo subscribing. OP: you have a PM!
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Awesome car and journal! Cant wait to see whats next.
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